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Every window is totally different, and the team at Curtain Warehouse knows this better than anyone else, and that's why we stock such a huge range of premium, professionally made and perfectly designed window dressing to suit any place.

Sporting such a wide range of colours, designs, fabrics & textures, Curtain Warehouse will have a style of curtain or window hanging to suit every home, or business. We don't just want to make your windows look good, we want to make sure your brand new curtains fit into the décor and styling of your whole place, to ensure your home and curtains match! Take a look at our range of products below.

The Experts in Curtains 

We are certain that you will find our curtain making service competitively priced.
A word on heading styles: There are a wide range of heading  styles to choose from, but your final selection will be partly determined by your need for the curtain to ‘stack back’, or be drawn completely off the window.. If the window needs to be completely uncovered when the curtains are drawn back you will need to use a wider track, or select a heading type with good stack back. Alternatively you may prefer to have lots of fabric fullness in the curtain, creating a more opulent look, in which case you will need to allow for wider tracks or use tie backs to hold the curtains clear of the window.
  • French Pleat: A traditional triple pleat, with the advantage of superb draping that requires more than the usual amount of fabric to cover your track or rod.
  • Dutch Pleat: A popular double pleat requires slightly less fabric than the French Pleat.
  • Single Pleat (New York Pleat): A smart contemporary look that uses less fabric again and stacks very compactly – useful for where space is limited
  • Inverted Pleat: A modern flat finish, most suitable on rods, but can also be used on tracks if desired
  • Eyelets: A popular stylish look, but suitable for a rod only, and not advised for very wide windows
  • Pencil Pleat: A commonly used taped heading available in a variety of heights, generally from 50mm to 100mm
High quality fabric, textured curtains in the dining room
Roman blinds

Roman Blinds

Romans have traditionally been made with a cord control to stack up and down the window, and today is still a very popular option. When the blind is stacked up, the cord is wrapped around a 'cleat' which is fixed on or beside the window frame.

The 'Revolution' Roman blind is chain controlled, which is well suited on wider wide windows or when using heavier weight fabrics. Some prefer the chain option as the chain can be cleaned easier than the cord. To successfully make your blind we need to know whether you want to fit the blind inside or outside the window frame.
  • Installing inside frame requirements:
  • Exact inside frame measurements    
  • L/H or R/H control
  • Installing outside frame requirements:
  • Outside frame measurements
  • L/H or R/H control
We usually add 100mm above the window frame for stacking, extra width either side of frame and below sill. When blinds are stacked up they hang approx. 200 - 280mm long.


Cushion covers can be made to almost any size required. We need to know your fabric choice and style, zipped or not, and whether you require an inner. We can supply inner sizes, from 40cm square, up to 60cm square. If you are happy with the price, and don’t wish to amend any details of your order, simply send us a 50% deposit and we can begin work. Full payment is required on completion of the order, which usually takes around four weeks depending on fabric availability.  For orders over $200 delivery is free within NZ.
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